About Us


Olympic Nature is a family owned and managed company. We are based in Greece and our factory is located in Argos 130 Km to the south of Athens (capital city of Greece). We are a processing and exports firm specializing in natural Greek oregano since 1997.

Our company is the biggest oregano supplier in Greece to distributors, wholesalers, blenders and the retail trade. The international character of our business extends beyond exporting goods around the world.

We are the leader in Greek oregano. Our new environment friendly plant is equipped with the most sophisticated processing machinery. This factor enables us to offer uniform quality to our customers of up to 99.9% purity.



  • Our know how and know who
  • Daily update of market information
  • The business relations we maintain with the most reliable growers of each commodity.
  • Consistent delivery of specified quality at a fair market price.
  • Commitment to follow through each shipment until the product reaches its destination
  • Our location, near the main port, helps us to work more efficiently.
  • We are in position to offer uniform quality to our customers of up to 99,99% purity.


Herbs Spices and Seeds

 basil  savory  thyme  marjoram
 mountain tea  parsley  peppermint  rosemary

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